Our translation office in Kaunas Translatica offers the following services:

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For your convenience, we offer to translate your web page to any foreign language and to localize it linguistically. Language localization is the process of adapting the translated text to a local language by using the whole set of special means (local units of measurement, a way of writing the date, etc.). The Internet users, who are looking for the information in different languages, will spend on your web page more time and information about your products and services will reach a much larger number of the Internet users. Consequently, you will be elated by increased sales and a considerably greater number of clients. We guarantee that the translations of your documents and texts will be of a great quality and made on time

Our professional and experienced translators can help you at company conferences, courts, occasional events, tourist travels in Lithuania and on other occasions. Just contact us and we will help you!

If there is a client’s request, we offer the service of documents notarisation, i.e. the notary certifies the copy of the original document and the signature of the translator. This service requires an additional charge.

Confidentiality guaranteed

We guarantee the confidentiality of your personal or company data. Translatica translation office is under an obligation not to reveal any confidential information to the third persons, not to copy, broadcast, publish or use it for personal purposes or while dealing with orders from other clients.

Sealed translation

All our translations are sealed with an official stamp of the translation office and signed by one of our translators. This service is free of charge.